Basic Infomation
Name Nakamura Satoshi Organization 子ども発達学科
Name(Japanese) 中村 敏(ナカムラ サトシ) Major

Start dateEnd dateNameDepartmentDegree
04, 201003, 2014Ritsumeikan UniversityCollege of Letters, Department of Humanities Bachelor of Letters
04, 201403, 2016Osaka Kyoiku UniversityGraduate School of EducationMaster of Education
04, 201603, 2021Osaka City UniversityGraduate School of Literature and Human SciencesDoctor of Literature
Job(Souai University)
Start dateEnd dateSchool nameOrganizationJobLesson
04, 201803, 2021Soai UniversityFaculty of HumanitiesPart-time Lecturer 
04, 2023Up to nowSoai UniversityFaculty of Human DevelopmentLecturer 
Job(Except Souai University)
Start dateEnd dateSchool nameOrganizationJobLesson
08, 201903, 2021Osaka Kyoiku UniversityFaculty of EducationPart-time Lecturer 
04, 202003, 2021Osaka University of Human SciencesFaculty of Human SciencesPart-time Lecturer 
04, 202103, 2023Kobe Gakuin UniversityDepartment of PsychologyAssistant 
04, 202309, 2023清恵会医療専門学院準看護学科非常勤講師 
09, 2023Up to now大阪公立大学文学研究科非常勤講師 
11, 2019関西心理学会第131回大会研究奨励賞中村敏
09, 2022日本行動分析学会第40回年次大会若手研究者優秀発表賞中村敏
Lesson (The past three years containing the present fiscal year )
2023First halfChild understanding and Social Work
2023First halfChild understanding and Social Work
2023First halfEducational Psychology
2023Second halfPsychology of Child and Family Support
2023Second halfSchool Counseling
2023Second halfSchool Counseling
2023Second halfPsychology of Childcare

Teacher research achievements
Special Field: 学習心理学 / 教育心理学 / 発達心理学
Keyword: オペラント条件づけ / 言語性制御 / 幼児教育 / 子育て支援
The matter about research achievements
Effects of rules and self-rules on schedule performance in two-person experiments Collaboration10, 2018The Japanese journal of psychology, 89(4)Satoshi Nakamura, Hiroto Okouchi396-402 
Three roles of other person who affects rule-governed behavior : Instructor, observer, and mediator Collaboration03, 2019Studies in the Humanities, 70 Satoshi Nakamura, Daisuke Saeki229-244 
Social influence and rule-governed behavior: Effects of the number of rule-givers on rule-control Collaboration09, 2019Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis, 34(1)Satoshi Nakamura, Daisuke Saeki20-33 
遅延割引と防災行動の関係に関する予備的研究Collaboration11, 2019都市防災研究論文集第6巻佐伯大輔・中村敏・片山綾15-20 
遅延割引と防災行動の関係に関する予備的研究(2):遅延表現における「~後」と「~以内」の比較Collaboration11, 2020都市防災研究論文集第7巻佐伯大輔・中村敏・片山綾31-35 
Stimulus generalization of behavioral history: Interspecies generality and persistence of generalization gradientsCollaboration06, 2021Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 116(1)Hiroto Okouchi, Satoshi Nakamura, Sota Watanabe, Kennon A. Lattal82-95 
Instruction given from and giving to others: An examination of the effects on behavioral acquisition when two persons bidirectionally communicated Collaboration09, 2022Behavioral Science Research, 61(1) Satoshi Nakamura, Hiroto Okouchi39-46 
Toward quality early childhood education using verbal reinforcers: A review of applied behavior analysis research with preschool infants in Japan Collaboration09, 2022Journal of School Education in Hakodate, 25Satoshi Nakamura, Tadashi Sugimoto1-10 
The national Web survey on the usage of the regional childcare support center program: Focusing on utilization of university facilities Collaboration12, 2022Kobe Gakuin University Journal of Psychology, 5(1)Ai Namba, Yuki Dojo, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Keiko Murai, Taro Okano, Satoshi Nakamura53-61 
Fund acceptance situation
Research fund
Start dateEnd dateItemMoneyOutline
08, 202103, 2025日本学術振興会 科学研究費助成事業 研究活動スタート支援「未知・未経験の事象が行動に及ぼす影響の定量的測定法の開発(課題番号:21K20287)」1300000 
06, 202203, 2023神戸学院大学 心理学部社会貢献・地域連携プロジェクト助成金「大学が運営する地域子育て支援拠点の意義と課題に関する心理的研究——神戸学院大学心理学部子育てサロン「まなびー」を対象として―—400000 
06, 202303, 2024神戸学院大学「子育てサロン まなびー」の社会的・教育的意義に関する心理学的研究500000 
04, 202403, 2029日本学術振興会 科学研究費助成事業 基盤研究(C)「学級の心理的安全性を向上・維持させるための教員研修プログラムの開発(課題番号:24K05902)」4550000